Qual e o preco do Boeing 747?

Qual é o preço do Boeing 747?

Boeing 747-8 – R$ 2,4 bilhões (US$ 418,4)

Qual o valor do Boeing 737-800?

No início de 2018, um 737-800 com menos de cinco anos de uso estava avaliado em US$ 47 milhões. Em 2025, um 737-800 de 17 anos valerá US$ 9,5 milhões e será alugado por cerca US$ 140.000 por mês.

Quanto custa um Boeing usado?

Confira quanto custa para comprar ou alugar uma aeronave usada

US$ 15 a 82 milhões US$ 150 a 640 mil
Boeing 777-300ER US$ 55 a 155 milhões
Boeing 787-8 US$ 73 a 119 milhões
Boeing 787-9 US$ 102 a 142 milhões
Boeing 747-400 US$ 3,9 a 8,9 milhões

What is the ICAO code for the Boeing 757-200?

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) classifies all variants based on the 757-200 under the code “B752”, and the 757-300 is referred to as “B753” for air traffic control purposes. The 757-200, the original version of the aircraft, entered service with Eastern Air Lines in 1983.

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What is a 757-200 Combi?

Also known as the 757-200 Combi, the type retains the passenger windows and cabin doors of the 757-200, while adding a forward port-side cargo door in the manner of the 757-200PF. Kathmandu-based Royal Nepal Airlines, later renamed Nepal Airlines, included the convertible model as part of an order for two 757s in 1986.

What makes the Boeing 757-200 so popular?

The Boeing 757-200’s stunning performance makes it one of the most popular Boeing aircraft ever built. Its adaptable seating configurations, spacious cabin, and suitability for short-, medium- and long-range operations offer our clients flexibility and our passengers the ultimate in comfort.

What kind of plane is a 757?

The Boeing 757 is a mid-sized, narrow-body short to medium range, twin-engine airliner that was designed and built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It is the manufacturer’s largest single-aisle passenger aircraft and was produced from 1981 to 2004.